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Body, Undeformed

The high peach-colored columns
of a hilltop seaside home
tangle in her red stare;
over the ocean

a bulbous cloud dangles tendrils
of rain, trilling her umbrella.
Salt and the rot of creatures
ride the wind to meet her

tight-lipped           promise
of a bioluminescence
brighter than the stars
she will affix above

the rapid green hill
and the birds that maneuver
its tangled forests

above the sea, wide
and long and crystal
set with teeth
that cinch a sun
into eclipse.
The sea is deep
and wild
with her glare.


Banner graphic source: page scan (cropped) of a plate reproduction of Egon Schiele's "Woman Lying On Her Back", a pencil and gouche drawing from 1914. In the public domain; image via Wikimedia.

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