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Time Thief

I don’t believe you, not necessarily.
Why, in your words, would you do this?
The night is dark enough
With its many enthralled meanings

And meaningless stars and sights.
Why add this tear
To your galaxy away from mine?
Is it you rely on robbed time?

You are ghosting me,
In your necropolitical
View of my world.

Hear the cymbal smash,
See the wave of belligerent mankind
In basements of tears and closeness.

Just know, wild eye, which of us is truly wild
As I hobble my drunk ass home
And argue your excuse into existence
Under a full moon and smoke.



Banner graphic source: Engraving (cropped) of crowds on "The First of May in New York City", from the Harry T. Peter Collection of Pictorial Newspaper Illustrations, New York Historical Society Library. Sourced from nyhistory.org; in the public domain.

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